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Auto-approve timesheets - attendance threshold, account setting
Auto-approve timesheets - attendance threshold, account setting

Based on successful clockin/out times you can set timesheets to be automatically approved based on attendance threshold

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This time saving feature lets you automatically approve timesheets when workers clockin and out of shifts within the attendance threshold.

Both of these can be enabled through your account settings which you'll find in the left-hand menu. In the Time & Attendance section you'll be able to set the attendance threshold and turn on the auto approve shift if clockin/out were successful.

With this enabled, your workers' timesheet will be automatically approved if their clockin/out time is within the threshold provided. This threshold/tolerance means the timesheet could be approved if they are early or late within the threshold.

In the example above, with a 15 minute threshold, if the shift is scheduled to run from 9 am - 10 am and the worker clockin is at 8:45 am and clockout is at 10:15 am then the system will accept the scheduled shift time and when calculating the hours for timesheet calculation, hours will still remain 1 hour instead of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Adjust the Attendance threshold setting

Step 1: Go to Account and then "Settings" from left-hand side navigation.

Step 2: Locate section named Time & Attendance and adjust threshold setting in minutes.

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