Within ShiftCare you can cancel shifts as long they have not been (timesheet) approved or invoiced. Further, when a shift is cancelled you can choose whether you want to cancel the shift and charge the client, or cancel the shift and not charge the client. These workflows along with rebooking a canceled shift are explained in this article below:

Cancelling a shift

If you need to cancel a shift in the scheduler, click the shift to display the details. Now click More Options. Click Cancel to cancel the shift.

A window will prompt you to choose to cancel the reason. There are 2 options:

You will be provided with 2 options:

  • Cancelled by client - used when charging the client - this also means the staff member is paid. Generally useful when enough notice period was given.

  • Cancelled by us, without charge - for use when the client is not charged, the staff member will not be paid. Generally used for last minute or late notice cancellations.

Let's discuss each option in further details:

Cancelled by us, without charge

  • the client will not be billed for this.

  • the staff member will not be paid for this.

  • the app will show the shift as being cancelled.

On Scheduler, Cancelled by us, without charge, will be shown in orange with the shift type crossed out.

Cancelled by client

  • the client will be billed for this.

  • the staff member will be paid for this.

  • on the app, if all clients on the shift are cancelled, the app will show the shift as cancelled. If there is one or more clients not cancelled the app will list the shift as booked (or pending if there is an issue with the shift).

On Scheduler, cancelled shift will be displayed with yellow background. Shift history will capture the reason provided.

Click Confirm when done.

Cancel Reason

Before you can complete cancellation, you are required to provide cancel reason. This is useful for 2 reasons - keeping history for office use as well as provide info to staff who were assigned to this shift.

Shift history will display the reason provided.

Notify carer (staff)

Notify option will send the staff member assigned an email and an in-app notification of the cancellation. In the app, shift will have following states

  • Cancelled when Cancelled by uswithout charge

  • Cancelled when Cancelled by client and it was one-on-one shift

  • Cancelled when Cancelled by client and it was group shift but all clients are cancelled

  • Booked when Cancelled by client and it was a group shift with some clients still attending

Rebook a shift - one-off

Cancelled shifts can be re-booked. To rebook a shift, simply follow the same process as above. Click More options and now click Rebook instead.

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