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This is a legacy page that is available on old dashboard view only

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A payment report provides information about payments or receivables and/or payable information. When Payment was made, Invoice Number, Amount Paid, Reference/Fund, and the date when this is recorded.

To Access the Report

To access Payment Report, go to Reports on the Left-Hand Menu, select Payment

in the drop-down. Once the page loads, select the Date Period of payments you like to seek for in your report.

Note! If you missed selecting your Date Range, it will pull the report by default with Date Period from last time you had it opened.


About the Report

Bar Graph

The rectangle bars depict the total Receivable (Payment Received) for that day. X-axis represents the Dates, while Y-axis represents the variables (Amounts received as payment) . All the Bars have only one color (blue) since, x-axis has only one variable and that's the Date.

Tabular Data

Below the Graph, you'll also see the tabular breakdown of each Payments that makes up data in graph above, and some other relevant information relating to it. This can be useful if you want access to actual data instead of graphical representation. For the set Time Period, you'll be able to see the Dates when payments were made, the corresponding Invoice Numbers for each payment, the Amount paid, Reference/Funds if available, and the Dates when these data were recorded in the system.

Report Filters

Select the Date Range. Click on the Starting Date (left calendar) and the End date of the Period you'd like to check, and then hit Apply.


Print Report

To print the report, click on the other icon (right side), see above. You'll then get to the Print screen page where you can choose number of copies, pages, set up margins, etc. Click on the Print button then once ready.

Download as PDF

If you like to save the report as PDF. Click on the print icon and in the print dialog box as seen below, Choose destination as 'Save as PDF'. If in case it's not set as default, click on the Change button and select Save as PDF. Once set, click on Save.


Download Report:

To read more on how to export this report read Download Reports

Alternatively, for scheduler users, a similar report can be found in the performance report. You may want to check this article for more detail.

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