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The client's Billing Report can be accessed from the left-hand side navigation by clicking Clients -> List -> click the specific client -> Billing Reports.

The client's Billing Report page enables you to conduct the following functions:

  • Review shift information before you start invoicing

  • Edit specified shift details

  • Generate Invoices

  • Funds Management

Reviewing Shift Information

Within the client Billing Report page you can review the following information for each shift:


  • It's crucial to the invoicing process to ensure that all rates are assigned correctly to each shift. If no rate is assigned to a service, the shift will be highlighted red on the client shift breakdown page.


  • Ensure that at least one staff is assigned to each shift.

  • Ensure that staff already assigned to the shift are not double-booked with the other clients.

Edit Specified Shift Details

The following details can be edited from the client shift breakdown page:

  • Rate Group: This allows you to assign rate groups (with their corresponding rates) to the shift. 

  • Ratio: This allows you to edit the client's staff ratio.

  • Funds: This allows you to assign a fund to pay the cost of the service.

  • Start/End Time: This only amends the client's attendance within the shift, NOT the shift's actual start and end time. Thus, the duration of the shift may remain the same, but the client may only be present for a portion of the shift. 

  • Mileage: Any mileage incurred during the shift can be added here.

  • Expense: Any additional cost incurred specifically by the client can be allocated here.

  • Absent/Remove: Very applicable for group programs where some clients may have been absent/need to be removed from the recurring shifts. Simply choose the correct option for the corresponding client.

Generate Invoices

  • Click on this link to know about generating invoices.

Fund Management

  • Click on the link to know about generating fund management.

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