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How to filter ShiftCare email notifications?
How to filter ShiftCare email notifications?

Email rules to filter out ShiftCare notifications

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If you wish to receive selective notifications then you can also create rules within the mail application (e.g. Outlook) to filter notifications based on the subject line. Click on the below links to know more about setting rules in your mail:

Subscribed Email Categories

Staff Members with the role of (Admin, Coordinator & HR) can subscribe or disable email notifications for shift events. To do this, you will need to go to Staff > List > Navigate to your Profile in your staff/profile details, you will need to navigate to the Settings module and select the Edit button.

Once you are in edit mode, you can navigate to the Subscribed Email Categories option and enable the email categories you would like to subscribe to, after selecting the email categories, you can select the Update button to save/confirm your changes.

Job Board Email Notification

⚠️ It is currently not possible to opt out of Job Board notifications.

There will be an email notification generated by Job Board when staff accepted the Job Board shift. It generates emails with subject lines like ShiftCare update: Kylie Trott is interested to join the Shift.

At the moment, these notifications can't be opted out from email subscribed categories.

When will I receive a notification?

  • When staff Clock in and Clock out.

  • When staff put progress notes, feedback, and incident forms.

  • When staff updates km/expense.

  • When staff uploads photos.

  • When staff accepts a shift.

  • When staff rejects a shift.

  • When staff accepts Job Board shift.

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