Kiosk mode

User role which provides a high-level calendar view of the shifts

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Kiosk Mode is a user type designed for use in reception areas or accommodation type scenarios whereby a tablet or shared computer is available for staff to access.

The Kiosk Mode allows staff to see the shift details - which clients and other staff are scheduled.

There are differences between a staff's user account and the site's kiosk user type such as:

  • In Kiosk Mode, staff can't apply for leave as they can do in their personal accounts as this is a general use across the site.

  • In their personal accounts, staff can't see other staff members' shifts or the clients also at the site.

  • Kiosk Mode has read-only access to the information so can't make changes other user types can, however, in Kiosk Mode it is possible to add notes.

Creating a Kiosk Mode User:

To use Kiosk Mode you will need to create a staff member and select Office User before setting their Role to Kiosk (from the drop-down menu).

Before clicking on the Save button:

Note! The Kiosk user will be sent a link via email to activate their account (the same as other users) so the email address should be a valid one. You can override this by setting a password for that user - see the article "Reset password for your staff".

Viewing in Kiosk Mode

Using a web browser on a smartphone or tablet the next step is to log in to the new Kiosk mode user account.

The shifts will be displayed in a calendar mode.

Staff will be able to navigate through the days using the familiar forward and back arrows or jump to a specific date:

Further details can be viewed when clicking on the shift:

It is also possible to log shift notes such as:

  • Progress Notes

  • Enquiry

  • Feedback

  • Incident

  • Injury

  • Mileage

The notes can be viewed when you scroll down the shift detail page:

The Events capture a history of notes for the shift.

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