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Add carer or office user to your account
Add carer or office user to your account

A quick guide on adding staff, carer or office users - Admin, Coordinator, HR, Office support or Ops roles

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Before you can assign shifts and generate programs for your staff, their staff data needs to be entered into ShiftCare. 

Adding carer or office user

Click the drop down menu labelled Staff on the left hand side. Click the sub heading labelled New.

You can now see the New User creation page. Enter the users Name and Email as these are mandatory fields in order to create a new account.

Once created, an email invitation will be sent to the user, this allows them to create a password and sign into the app. Help Desk Article: Invite carer or office user

Setting Roles

Assign roles to all members accordingly as the access levels in each role vary. For more information about the different types of Roles available please see the documentation on this.

Carer (Support worker/care worker) can have the following roles assigned to them:

  • Carer

Role Carer is selected by default. (This means they will have access to their own shifts via the ShiftCare app)

Office user should have one of the following roles assigned:

  • Admin

  • HR

  • Coordinator

  • Office Support

  • Kiosk

If you are adding Office user then click on Office User button. This will give you an option to select one of the above access levels.

No Access

This option is located on top right of the page. Users with no access will not be counted towards the subscription limit. 

Ticking this option allows you to add more users than you are paying for, but they won't have access to their own shifts and you cannot generate timesheets for payroll purposes. 

  • No Access Carer: This No Access feature is mainly used to create fake users for manipulating client to carer ratios. 

For more information on this see this article.


Finally, click on Create once you have filled out the rest of the information.

This will bring you to the overview page, all the additional information on this page is optional. 

You can now start assigning shifts to your carer

Further reading

That covers the basics on adding a new staff member. For more information please see the following Help Desk Articles:

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