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Login troubleshooting. Trouble login into ShiftCare then follow password reset instructions here.

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If you having trouble login into ShiftCare, it highly likely that you are using incorrect password. In this article we will help you troubleshoot your login issue.

Note: To reset the password for one of your staff see this article πŸ‘ˆ

Note: To troubleshoot app crashing see this article πŸ‘ˆ

Reset password via App

You can follow reset password steps via the app. Open ShiftCare app on your phone and if you are not automatically logged in then you should be presented with similar screen below:

Click Forgot your password? ☝️ which should open dialogue requesting you to provide email where we can send password reset link.

πŸ›‘ Note: Email should match ShiftCare records i.e. same email linked to your profile

Next, you should see a confirmation message that a password reset email has been sent.

In your email inbox, you'll find a similar email to the one below:

πŸ” Set new password

Clicking on the link in the email will open up the browser. Set your new password (& confirm it). If everything is setup correctly, you should be logged in web.

Now, simply return to your app and use same email and password to login again.

🀚 Email not received

If you did not receive password reset email, there are 2 common reasons:

  1. Spam folder: Sometimes email can be sitting in your inbox junk folder. You can find email within junk folder.

  2. Email not found: Email address used for password reset was not found associated with any active account within ShiftCare.

    Please contact your manager to confirm the correct email address you should use to access ShiftCare.

Reset password via Web

Open your Chrome browser and type in url and use the Reset Password link.

This will direct you to the following page, where you will be required to enter the email address to which the reset password instructions will be sent.

Once your email has been entered and the instructions have been sent, the following notification will be displayed:

When the above notification appears, check your email address for the notification email.

Open the notification to find the reset password link

This link will direct you to the reset password page. Here you will be required to enter your new password and confirm it by entering it again. This is a simple security measure to ensure that you have entered your password correctly.

Once your password has been created you can sign back into your ShiftCare account using the same email and new password.

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