Add mileage/expense
Learn how to add kms and expense in the shift.
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You can add your mileage and expense through your App. Open the App and view the shift. Then, go to Progress tab as highlighted below:

This will bring you list of notes that have entered for that shift. Next, click on the plus (+) sign, and you'll see the list of selections to choose from. 

Select :-

Mileage: In order to add kms
Expense: Click on expense to add shift expense.

Finally, enter Mileage (in kms) in the first field and some notes in second. Click Save.

Tip! On some Android phones, save button has to be clicked twice because first time just hides the keyboard.

Tip! You can also take picture of odometer and upload along with adding mileage.

Edit mileage and Expense

Whilst on the progress tabs page, mileage and expense can be edited. To edit notes select the note that is to be updated. Once the note has been selected you will be directed to the edit progress note page.On the top right of the page is the edit icon. Click on the icon to edit and then hit save.

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