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View your schedule in the app
View your schedule in the app

In the app a schedule refers to your roster - a set of shifts

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You can view your shift schedule as well as all shift information on your ShiftCare app.

Accessing Shift Schedule

To access your schedule, navigate to the main menu on the left and select Schedule.

Once you have selected the schedule, you will be redirected to the page with all your shifts listed for the week. From here, you can scroll down the page to view all your rostered shifts.

Refreshing your Shift Schedule

To make sure your schedule is up-to-date, click on the circular arrow to update it. This will require your device to be connected to the internet.

Accessing other dates

Scrolling to previous dates that have passed will allow you to see shifts that aren't listed.

To view the previous week or month of shifts that you have had or will have in the future, on the Schedule, you'll see the current week, however, below the dates is a blue bar - pull down on this to access the full calendar.

Pulling down on the blue bar will display a full calendar where you can move back and forth between dates.

Shift States

Marked at the bottom corner of each shift details box will either be:


Completed: Shift has been completed (Clock in and Clock out have occurred on assigned time and day).


The shift has been booked and assigned, unable to clock in or clock out of the shift until the assigned time and day.


The client has not been attached to the shift.


Admin have verified shift times in staff Time Sheet

Shift Details

You can view shift details by clicking on a specific shift. This will direct you to the clock in and clock out page, where you can also find all shift information, including

  • Shift Date.

  • Shift Time.

  • Shift Location.

  • Map: You can tap on the map to view and get directions to the shift location

  • Shift Instruction: Additional or specific instructions regarding the client or shift

  • Client Information: Client name and profile can be viewed on the shift overview page.

๐Ÿ“ If a shift contains multiple clients, you can view all of them by selecting the See All option.

Tapping on the client's name will bring you to the below page.

  • Client documents

  • Client Goals: You can view client daily goals; however, only the admin can update and edit the goals.

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