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Attach allowances to shift
Attach allowances to shift

How to edit a shift and apply allowances to it so the workers timesheets are updated with the allowance

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Depending on whether you are using the Dashboard or the Scheduler view, there are different instructions to add the allowances to a shift.

Scheduler view

When viewing the shift details, at the top of the shift information you will see either the Edit or Advanced Edit buttons. If you do not the shift is locked - either it has been invoiced or the worker's time has been approved.

When editing the shift go to the Advanced Edit mode:

Under the Shift module, you will find the Allowance field.

Dashboard view

Attaching Allowances to Shift allows Staff to get credit for the expenses made that are work related.

To attach an Allowance to a particular shift for a Staff. Please follow steps below:

1. Go to that Shift, and open details.

2. Click Edit Shift button.

3. In the next page, you'll see a field to 'Choose Allowance'. Select from the dropdown the type or choice of allowance you want to have for this Staff. Then choose the amount in ($), and KM for Mileage Allowance.

4. Click Save.

Note! If the preferred type or name of Allowance is not in the selection list, you need to add a new one under Awards in the Left Hand Menu (please see screen shot below). Or you may also read more on Add New Allowances

If you have missed adding/attaching allowance while generating the shift/re-occuring shifts, then this can be added via staff timesheet page. Go to staff timesheet page, then click on blue icon against the shift.

Clicking on the blue icon will open below the dialogue box. Simply select the allowance from dropdown menu and click on Submit.

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