Allowances allow you to set rules at a Shift, for example, this might apply for a Shift that requires special skills such as a first aid qualification or where you want to pay Staff costs for meals.

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Setting-Up Allowances

To set up an Allowance, navigate via the left-hand-menu, clicking on Settings > PayItems > Allowances

Provide all of the relevant details:

Name: Provide a meaningful name to the Allowance so you will easily remember it.

Type: From the drop-down menu choose whether it is a one-off item, a cost to be applied to each Shift in the Schedule or a payment based on the Kilometres travelled.

Value: Generally this is set to 1. The Value number tells the payroll system how many of these allowances to pay.

Code: Enter a payroll code that relates to your payroll system. For KeyPay this should align with the 'Shift Type Id' that the system is expecting.

Xero Pay Item: This Xero-specific option can be populated by following the steps below, see the section titled "Allowances and Xero".

Permanent: Tick this checkbox to attach it directly to Staff e.g. First Aid Certificate could be a permanent allowance for a Staff member if they have the correct certification.

External ID: If you are connecting to MYOB enter the relevant category or Job ID.

Tip! Don't forget to click on the Save button.

Allowance unit

The categories relating to each allowance are known as a Unit. 

Km is typically used for Mileage allowance. If you want to pay your staff mileage to attach this allowance to a shift

Override award: This will allow you to override the pay item calculated by the system based on carers Playgroup. 

Override hours: Typically used for On-call, Sleepover or Excursions shifts. For example, if a Sleepover shift is 8 hours but for timesheet purposes, we want to pay the carer a fixed amount, then use this unit and set the value section to 1.

Program Cost: Typically used for Expense allowance.

One-off: If you wish to include it within the timesheet regardless, then One-off is an appropriate allowance.

They appear as a separate line item in the Timesheet report (accessed via the left-hand menu Reports > Timesheet Report), as shown below.

Allowances and Xero

Xero supports 'Ordinary Time Earnings', 'Overtime Earnings' and 'Allowance' in the timesheet (these are set up in Pay Items, more in this article).

To sync the Allowances which are in Xero with ShiftCare the allowance needs to be added to the Allowance page in ShiftCare and then have the appropriate Xero Pay Item selected from the dropdown.

If you need to create the allowance in Xero this can be done so under the organisation's settings, under the payroll tab.

Xero only allows the syncing of 'Ordinary Time Earnings', for allowances such as mileage, this means they will need to be created in the same way earnings rates are added for pay items in Xero.

For mileage / KMs the Rate Type should be set to 'Rate per Unit' and the Type of Unit set to Hours.

Below is an example of what adding a mileage allowance in Xero will look like.

For First Aid allowance, which should be paid at a multiple of the shift hours, the connection between ShiftCare and Xero doesn't yet feed through the "Multiple of employee's ordinary earnings rate". This is on the roadmap to be made available in the future. For now, you can use the '1' that is sent as a reminder to calculate this manually.

Once the earnings rates have been set up in Xero, please navigate to the Pay groups page, here you can select the option to "Sync Xero Pay Items". This pulls the pay items from Xero's earnings rates into ShiftCare.

More on the "Sync Xero Pay Items" steps can be found in this article: Setting up for timesheet sync with Xero (recommended reading for Xero account users).

Allowances and KeyPay

KeyPay provides detailed documentation on setting up allowances in their system which can be read here.

For KeyPay the ShiftCare system will report the allowance as an additional line item to the shift time (assuming override hours aren't set). The example below is for one shift which has both hours and an allowance to feed through to KeyPay.

The Shift Type (KeyPay) is the Unit in ShiftCare.

As mentioned above, for KeyPay the Code field should align with the 'Shift Type Id' that the system is expecting.

When reporting an allowance to KeyPay, ShiftCare will populate the 'Units' details with the number or multiplier for the allowance in KeyPay. For example, for 2 KMs of mileage to be paid '2' will be output whereas for one fixed rate sleepover allowance a 1 will be output. This is not something you as a user will need to set, ShiftCare will pull this from the shift details and send it through to KeyPay.

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