During a sleepover shift when staff are woken to provide care, you will want to pay them for the times they are woken. To do this we recommend adding allowances to the shift for each hour block they are awake.

Create the allowances

To do this first, you'll need to create the Awake Hours allowances in ShiftCare, read more about setting up allowances here. The Unit should be set to "One-off".

The Code should match the code in your payroll system.

Xero example where the allowance is linked to an earning rate from Xero.

MYOB example where the code from MYOB is inserted into the allowance details.

How workers notify you of awake hours

Workers can notify the office team of the hours they have been awake through the feedback note or other note type depending on your organisation's procedure for this.

This will show on the worker's timesheet as a speech bubble.

For more background on timesheets, see this article for more information on carer's timesheets.

Adding the awake time to the client's time

Whilst using the Advanced edit mode add a split to the client's time, with 1 timeframe for the full shift and another timeframe for the awake hours.

Because of the ratios, the system will turn the shift red/pending so in the Shift module use the setting "Ignore staff count" to override this check.

Note: don't hit save yet, please see the next section.

Adding awake allowance to the shift

The shift should be edited in advanced edit mode to add the allowance to the shift to account for the length of time the worker was awake.

Under the Shift module, you will find the Allowance field, here select the number of awake hours you wish to pass through to your payroll system.

When saving, select the option to update just this shift (so as not to impact future shifts).

Allowances on the worker's timesheet

When you save the allowances to the shift the worker's timesheet will be updated with the new Allowance information.

The payroll system should be set up to expect the allowances and interpret those as a $ payment amount.

Billing the client for the shift

In this scenario, the client will be billed for the fixed amount of the sleepover and the hourly amount for the total number of awake hours.

You can use the split feature in advanced edit mode to apply additional prices to a shift. Read more in the article: Split shift through advanced edit - charge different rates for the same shift

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