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Invite connect customer
Invite connect customer
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You can link a connect customer (primary carer for the client) to a client to be able to:

  • Request services on behalf of the client

  • View the client's roster

  • View the client's communications with care-workers and their organisation's staff

  • View invoices

Invite Connect Customer

In order to invite a connect customer, navigate to the Client tab. From here select List and choose the client you wish to invite the customer for.

Once you have selected the client, their name will appear on the left main menu. In this menu navigate to the Linked Customers tab. This will open another drop down menu with the List tab.

Select List to bring up the linked customer page. Located at the bottom right of the page is the Invite Client option. Select this to send an invite to the client.

Selecting the invite client option will prompt bring up the following dialogue box:

Fill in the required information:

Name: Name of the connect customer not the client's name (unless the client is managing their own services)

Email: The connect customer's email address not the client's email address (unless the client is managing their own services)

Default Area: The area most used by the client for their services. Team Leader/Coordinator who is taking care of this area will get notifications when customer will request/update shift.

Allow Communication: Clicking on this will give customer an access to view Communication. Communication includes below info:

Read Only: Only allows the customer to view the client's services only. They cannot make any changes in the roster.

Verify Shift: Enables the connect customer to verify shifts for the staff's timesheets

Once the above information has been entered, select the Invite option. This will send the connect customer a Notification email containing an invitation link. This invitation must be accepted within 48 hours. After this time the invitation will become invalid and admin will need to send another invite. 

Resend Invite

If a connect customer has been not responded to their ShiftCare invitation within 48 hours, they can be resent an invite by admin.

To resend an invite, navigate to the list of connected customers under the client's profile. Select Clients List Select client's nameLinked Customers List.

This will direct you to the customer list page where all connect customers linked to the client will be listed. Next to the connect customer will be a Resend Invite option (this will only be present if the client has not accepted their first ShiftCare invite when they were added previously within 48 hours).

To resent the invite select the Resend Invite option. This will send another invite to the connect customer's email address.

People with a "Last Accessed At" date showing have set a password and logged in. They have completed the invitation process.

If they have forgotten their password they can set a new one from the login screen (

Connect Customer List

Once a customer has been invited and provided access to their account, they will be added to the Connect Customer list. You can navigate to this list via Client → Connect Customers.

The list provides an overview of all connect customers within your organisation along with (from left to right:)


If you are not seeing the Linked Customers menu or the option to invite connect customers, this is because your subscription doesn't have any ShiftCare Connect licenses available.

To update your license please see this article: 📝 increase the number of licenses.

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