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Update connect customer Email
Update connect customer Email

Learn how to edit client's family member's

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Admin can edit/update the email address attached to linked customers. There are two methods that can be used for this process:

  • Edit Customer email via the client's account

  • Unlink the connect customer from the client's account

Edit Customer Email

To edit the customer's email, navigate to the client's page that the customer's account is linked to: Client --> List --> Select Client --> Linked Customers --> List.

Select List under linked customers to view the list of all customers and their details listed under the client's account. Next the customer's details select the Edit option to update the customer's email.

Selecting Edit will display the following dialogue box:

In the email free-text box input the new customer's email, once the required changes have been made select the Update option to save all changes.

Unlink Customer

Using this method requires you to unlink the customer's old email and resend the invite to their new email.

Select the Unlink option next to the client's details. This will remove the customer from the system, thus requiring a new invite to be sent out to their new email.

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