This article covers a number of scenarios in regards to updating prices:

Update price

Whenever there is a need to update your price e.g. New Financial Year, you can do so by adding new price into each Price Book.

This activity is generally done in advance, therefore while adding new price use effective date to distinguish between the existing Price and shifts that should take new price.

👀 Note! Please do not update the existing price because this will update the price on historic shifts which might not have been invoiced yet.

In order to add a new price, go to the existing Price Book and add a new price.

Note! There is no need to create new Price Book.

Go to Accounts from left-hand side navigation. Then Click on Price. All old Price Books will appear on the right side page. Click on Edit button located on right side of page against each price book.

Clicking on the Edit button opens a Price book. Click on New Price in order to add prices. Fill below form will the details of new price.

It's important to select the correct effective date. The price in the shifts will update from the effective dates selected.

In the below example, we have Updated Saturday, from Price book "High-Intensity Daily Personal Activities (Assist Integrate School)". New price is 95/hr effective from 1st April 2019. This means that in shifts old Saturday price (i.e $90/hr) will be overwritten by new price (i.e $95/hr) from 01-040-2019.

Click on Save. Now your new price is added under the existing Price Book.

Delete price - remove individual days of a week in the price

In order to delete price, find that price book where the price you want to remove belong to and click Edit.

3. On the list of prices in that group, find that Price that you want to delete and click on Checkbox under Delete column. You can click on multiple checkboxes if you want. Once done, click on Save button.

Archive price book - remove a whole group of price items

Archiving a price book can't be reversed. To remove a whole pricebook from the pricing page simply click on the Archive link found at the top of the price book.

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