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Managing carer documents

A guide outlining steps to upload carer certifications, compliance & qualifications with expiry dates.

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Knowing how to upload documents is a crucial part of maintaining compliance and qualification standards for all staff within your organisation. Keeping documents up-to-date is an integral part of keeping all competency standards equal within your workplace. Below is a brief guide outlining how to quickly and efficiently upload updated documents.

Uploading Documents

Navigate to the staff list and select which staff member's documents you wish to upload. Selecting a staff member will bring up their profile. From left hand side navigation select Document or Manage all. Both buttons will redirect you to same page.

Next to this list is the blue 'Manage All' button or the 'Add' button underneath. Click on either of these icons to open up the document upload page.

To upload a document simply click on the blue Upload Files button. Select the document you wish to upload off your computer.

Please note that only the following document formats can be uploaded:

  • PDF (any PDF form/file type)

  • Word

  • Google Pages

To correctly assign the expiry dates you must first choose the document category. In this example, the staff member is having their Police Check updated.

Once you've selected the category, set the correct expiry date as presented on the actual document. If there is no expiry date, select the No Expiration box.

Note: It is critical that the correct category is selected for each document in order to have the correct information presented in the corresponding report.

Office staff can also give access to staff to view their own documents with expiry date. Please read below documentation to know more about this feature.

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