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Exporting Verified Timesheets for Payroll Processing
Exporting Verified Timesheets for Payroll Processing
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This process is similar to exporting timesheets. However, if Smart Attendance is on - then you see extra options for Timesheet report & export, which are further explained below.

Timesheet Report

You need to pull Report Timesheet, select date range, and search. The data you’ll see will give you total approved (in green) or rejected (red) shifts for that date range.


To export, you’ll see a download icon on the lower right, click on it to choose from CSV or MYOB file type. For Payroll docs, use the latter whereas for simple reporting you can choose CSV.


Once you’ve chosen the desired file type and clicked on it, you’ll see above message. When the export is ready you’ll be notified and just need to click on download and save to your designated desktop folder.

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