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Exporting Timesheet for MYOB Payroll Processing
Exporting Timesheet for MYOB Payroll Processing
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To export Timesheet for Payroll Purposes, you need to pull up the Timesheet Report first.

From the left-hand sidebar, click Reports, select Timesheet.

Choose Date Range of the pay run period, or the date you want to be covered in the report.

Click on Custom date to choose the date.

Once you have the report pulled up, scroll down to the bottom and click on the lower right 'download' icon.

Choose the MYOB option: Approved timesheet only or All Hours.

Note: if there is no option for MYOB shown, you can select or change your payroll software to MYOB on the Account Settings. Read more about Selecting or changing your payroll software.

You will then receive a pop-up message in blue on top of the page.


Once the export is complete, you will receive a notification when the information is collated and ready for you to download. You will also be notified via email to download the file, which can be saved to your computer for further action.

Click on the notification.

The link in the email and this notification takes you through to your communications history page for you to download the file

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