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After importing your time sheets into your MYOB account, you will receive results for the import process. The results provides an overview of errors that may have occurred during the import process and the number of records imported without these errors, warnings and also the number of records skipped.

Import Summary

If you import your timesheet and receive this result, you can view a detailed report of the specific errors that may have occurred whilst importing. To view this report simply select the blue link under the results.

Error Report Log

Clicking the link will open the import report log with all the specific errors detected:

In the error report example above under the summary of errors you will see the error number and the corresponding error label. The error number is also displayed next to each staff member's timesheet. This allows you to detect what error is occurring in each report.

E.g.: Staff Erick: Error 296: Employee not found. Timesheet not imported. The reason for this error is that MYOB requires each staff member to have a Staff Card ID which can then be used to identify staff when importing timesheets. If the staff has no card ID they will be identified in MYOB and thus their timehseet will not be imported.

E.g.: Staff Jenny: Error 216: Payroll category not found To avoid this error please ensure that you have copied and entered all your payroll categories in ShiftCare the exact same way into MYOB. All payroll category details must be identical. Any slight discrepancies will result in payroll category error 216.

MYOB Help & Knowledge Base

You can find the explanation for any errors that occur while importing timesheets in the MYOB knowledge base/help site: MYOB Support

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