In Scheduler, if you check shift details by clicking on the shift, you'll find shift details, specifically the start and end times of the shift. This is 'Shift' time. However, there are certain cases wherein the carer and/or client may be slightly different from the 'Shift' time. And this is because they have actually changed.

To do this, you have to access the Advanced edit option when editing a shift.

⚠️ Note! For Invoicing, we always follow the Client's Start and End time. For Timesheet, we follow carer.

The screenshot shows how you can separate the client, staff, and shift times.

  • Client: 9am - 9:30am — This is what the client will be billed & also what is shown in the client's calendar

  • Shift: 9am - 10am — This is the time which will display in Scheduler

  • Carer: 8:45am - 10am — This is what the staff member will be paid & also the time they will see in their app and shown in their calendar

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