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Funds management
Funds management

This feature helps provider to plan services for the clients and forecast the availability of funds. Adding Client's Funds in Shiftcare

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Note: Funds management is only available on Premuim Plans

Funds management is the management of the cashflow of a client. This will help providers to plan services for the clients and forecast the availability of funds.

In this article we cover:

Additionally, this webinar recording is available:

Add client's funds in ShiftCare

In order to add funds, go to client Details page and click on Add Fund button on the bottom right of the Funds section.

Now add fund type, amount, Hours (if required) and expiry date (if required). Then hit Save.

You can attach one fund permanently to the client by ticking Default checkbox in front of the client. This means that you will not be required to add the fund manually to the  shifts.

Note: In order to put multiple funds, click on Add Funds button again and follow the prompts as explained above,
See below example of multiple funds.

Assign funds to the client in the shift

Scheduler view:

Now create a shift, when you have selected the client you will be able to select the appropriate fund.

Dashboard view:

When creating a shift, on clicking Select Client button, below page will open. In the funds section, select the fund you want to apply to the client. In this case Daily activities funds (see above) was selected as default fund. But from the dropdown section you can change fund if you wish and then hit "Done".

View client funds in the client's Billing report

Go to the client's Billing page in order to see the running total of the funds from the last column of the page. Running total column will turn red when funds will go into negative.

Note: "Running Total" is the addition of all funds of the client. Running total of specific fund can be viewed by clicking Select Fund and then from drop down menu select the fund type you want to view.

This then filters out the shifts which have different funds assigned to them.

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