Tasks will appear in your ShiftCare mobile app under Schedule. Tasks are specific to each shift, so to view tasks assigned to a shift, you will need to select the specified shift in your schedule.

Accessing Tasks

To quickly identify whether tasks have been allocated to shift simply look for the task symbol:

To view the tasks to be completed, select the shift. At the bottom of the shift information page will be the tasks tab with the number of tasks to be completed.

Viewing Tasks

To view the specific details of the each task select the Tasks tab. This will bring up the list of all tasks to be completed for the shift.

Mandatory Tasks

Make sure to complete all mandatory tasks (those highlighted bold) before clocking out of a shift. You will not be able to clock out of a shift if mandatory tasks are left incomplete.

Completing Tasks

To indicate that a task has been completed simply select the task and a line will appear through it along with a blue ticked box.

Tip: If you accidentally mark a task complete and wish to undo it, simply tap on the task again. This will remove the line and un-tick the blue box.

Make sure that you have completed all mandatory tasks as you will not be able to clock out if any mandatory tasks are left incomplete.

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