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Add goal progress - score progress on strategies
Add goal progress - score progress on strategies

How to rate progress on client's goals.

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ShiftCare helps to keep track of Client's goal progress. Client's Goal Progress is an essential part of a Client Personal File where staff and clients succinctly record details to document the client’s status or achievements. Goal Progress notes are a tool for reflecting on a client’s movement towards their goals as identified in their Individual Support Plans and also represent a record of events on each shift or visit, a communication tool for staff.

In order to view and rate goals from the ShiftCare App, staff need to go to their rostered shift. In below Example, Staff needs to click on Anne's shift.

Clicking on Anne shift will take you to the below page, where you can clock in and clock out.  In order to view and rate goals, click on Progress on the bottom right of the App screen.

Now click on Goal.

This will take you to the goal page of the client. Rate the progress of the client by clicking on the star. Click on Save button.

In order to rate another goal staff to repeat this process i.e. click on Progress, then Goal. This will open the second goal for rating.

📝 Note: In order to view all goals, staff need to click on Goal (on the above page), below page will open all all the client's goals.

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