How to print a ShiftCare page from a web browser

At times it might be useful to print out information that is stored in ShiftCare.

Printing pages from ShiftCare

To do this you can use the web browser's send to print function.

When on the page you want to print out a shortcut to this function is to press the following keys:

  • Windows: Control / Ctrl + P keys

  • Mac: ⌘ + P keys

Doing this will bring up the printing interface.

Click on the Print button will allow you to print the page.

Instead of printing the pages, you might want to have an offline copy as a digital backup. This is also possible by following similar steps.

Again navigate to the page you want to print then click on:

  • Windows: Control / Ctrl + P keys

  • Mac: ⌘ + P keys

This time when the printing dialog box opens instead of your printer chose the option to "Save as PDF".

Next click on the Save button:

Then chose the location you want to save the file to, for example, your Desktop and click on the Save button.

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