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Why are shifts showing up in different timezone?
Why are shifts showing up in different timezone?

Shifts in your app are shown at a different time to expected

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If you have recently travelled overseas or, bought a phone from an overseas market or, second hand shop, then it is likely that your phone is operating in a different timezone.

In such cases, your shifts will appear to start and end at hours that are different to what your team leader has actually requested. Reason being, ShiftCare App will try to show you shift time in the timezone set on the phone itself. For example, if your phone is set to UK timezone, then shift starting at 9am in Sydney will appear on App calendar at midnight.

In order fix this issue, simply revert timezone of your phone to local timezone. You can do this by going to phone settings.

Android: Go into the Clock app, tap more to go into the settings. Select change date & time, select set time zone automatically and then select use location to set time zone.

iPhone: Open the settings, select general, to go Date & time and make sure "set automatically" is turned on.

Samsung: Open Settings, go to General management, select Date and time and Automatic date and time should be turned on.

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