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Import NDIS Price Guides
Import NDIS Price Guides

NDIS providers can import NDIA's pricing arrangements, copying across the support item codes needed to submit a claim through PRODA

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πŸ‘‰ most recent NDIS prices update

If you already have NDIS prices you can update to the most recent prices by following the steps in the article Update NDIS Prices

You can import NDIS-provided Price Agreements and Support Catalogues as Price Books for your region into your ShiftCare account, importing in the price rates for disability-related health supports that are funded under the NDIS.

The items will include the support item codes necessary to make claims through the Provider Digital Access (PRODA) portal.

Importing NDIS Price Guide to your account

Important: If you are planning on exporting your invoices to Xero, please make sure you read this guide for an extra step you will need to consider.

Navigate to the pricing page for your account by clicking on Account then Prices in the left-hand menu.

Once on the page, in the top right-hand-corner you will find a blue button labelled Actions. Clicking on this displays a sub-menu, please select Import NDIS PriceGuide.

At the top right-hand corner, you'll see a drop down menu with the different NDIS Pricing Arrangements.

The pricing categories have been broken down into groups by:

  • Service categories with reference numbers starting 01 - 04, 07 - 15 or grouped by TTP prices.

  • Regional rates: National, Remote or Very Remote.

Selecting the price guide will open a page with information on the various prices and service reference codes.Β 

You can import individual prices of services under the price guide or import complete price groups by using the check boxes. Select the entire section with the header bar checkbox. located at the top of the price book.

πŸ” Shows searching sleepover shifts.

Or select individual items instead.

Searching for prices

You can use the search box to help you find the services you provide.

πŸ” Shows adding STA and Assistance (Inc. Respite) 01_058_0115_1_1

To chose the price groups you want to add, click on the checkbox in the darker grey section which imports a whole section or you can pick individual items if that's more appropriate.

Once you have selected all of the services, at the very bottom of the page, click the Add button.Β 

Once the page reloads you will see the prices imported.

Use effective date to control when a price is applied

πŸ‘€ Tip When adding new prices, rather than delete or update the existing price we recommend using the effective date to control when to apply the new pricing.
ShiftCare will automatically pick-up the new pricing from that date forward.

Click Edit next to a price group to add prices or edit entries. Now click effective date if you want to change it.

This saves you from rushing to update all of the prices before invoicing!

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