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Scheduler - interface and navigation
Scheduler - interface and navigation

A walk-through guide on using the new scheduler interface. How to change view, adjust shifts, create a new shift, expand all, staff order.

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This article gives an overview of the different elements in the Scheduler calendar view. In the article, we cover the following topics:

Basic Navigation

The scheduler interface is a critical tool to enable simple communication between staff, admin and clients. We have gone through some of the essential features to help you navigate and schedule with ease. Here's a short video to get you started.

The scheduler defaults to Weekly view with the function of changing to Daily or Fortnightly view. Click the 'Weekly View' box to drop down the menu and select your preferred layout.

Hide the menu

Once you have selected your ideal view you can also collapse the side menu to allow for full screen mode. Click the 'hamburger' menu button to the right hand side of the ShiftCare logo to hide this menu, and also click it to re-enable the menu again.

Jump to a specific date

For additional navigation, you can click the Date box, to select a specific day.

Also note that you can cycle through subsequent and previous days, weeks, or fortnights based on your view with the navigation arrows next to the date selection box.

The scheduler is very user-friendly, and you can click on just about anything you want to interact with.

Drag and drop a shift

To reassign a shift to someone, you can drag it to the other person.

This shows switching from day view to weekly view before assigning a shift to a staff member.

⚠️ Drag and drop shifts can only be applied to standard shifts, not shifts with multiple clients and staff and/or sleepover shifts.

View by staff or client list

Pro and Premium subscription holders can change the view from staff focussed to client by switching the resource view.

Choosing client or staff options will list them on the left-hand side of the schedule.

⚠️ Switching between client and staff views is only available in the Pro and Premium plans.

Switch calendar view

You can switch between a daily, weekly, fortnightly, and basic view of your schedule.

Daily view

To add a new shift you can click and drag to select the desired length of time.
Note: you can select the desired carer by dragging within their row.

A panel will pop up to ask for further details. Add information to the required fields including which client, type of shift, the date and time, address and assigned carer. Additional information can be provided too. These are basic functions, and as there are many advanced options to be explored, these will be covered in a separate article.

In the Daily View, If you need to adjust the duration of a shift quickly you can drag the ends of the shift directly on the scheduler.
Note: This won't adjust every shift in a recurring series.

Weekly and fortnightly view

To add a shift on a specific day simply click the date in the appropriate carers row. 

Again, a panel will pop up to ask for further details. 

Within this view, you can drag and drop a shift to change the day it occurs or to assign to an alternative carer or even change the date it occurs on.

Filter by shift status

You can use the shift status filter to show only shifts with the selected status.

Filter by team, staff member(s) or client(s)

The search can be applied to a mix of teams, clients and staff members at once. Simply select from the list or start typing to find the person.

Pin vacant shift

Once a team, staff or client filter has been applied you can pin the vacant shifts which aren't related to those groups by using the pin toggle option.

The filter must be in use for the pin option to be visible.

Filter by shift type

Picking a shift type will show just that type of shift. This can be particularly useful for large teams where scheduling for certain shifts are done by one person and other shift types are scheduled by someone else.

Expand all button

When you have multiple shifts stacked together, you can toggle between compact and expanded views. Click the View button at the top of the scheduler view to enable the Expand view.

List order

You can change the staff or client list order between alphabetical (A-Z) and number of shifts (Shift count).

To do this, click the list drop down next to the column heading "Staff". Now click between A-Z and Shift count to more easily manage carers.

Add shift

You can click in an empty space to create a shift or use the blue Add Shift (or plus sign button on narrower screens).

Compact view

To reduce the spacing between shift tiles and list more staff/clients on the screen you can switch between compact or spaced views.

With the compact view off, you will see more spacing between shifts.

Private note for a Client

Private note: These are notes that can be viewed only by office staff to assist in rostering care-workers appropriately.

On the Scheduler, this information will be displayed with an eye icon with a line through it.

Scissors icon

When in client view, with the clients listed on the left hand side, you will see a scissors icon when the client's time has splits. The client view is available on Pro and Premium subscription plans.

This feature allows you to charge different prices for the same shift.

Colour codes of shifts

The shift colours are used to indicate different statuses:

  • Green: Booked - ok, no action required.

  • Orange: Cancelled without charge - the staff will not get paid and the client is not charged.

  • Yellow: Absent / Cancelled with charge - the staff will get paid and the client will be charged.

  • Red: Pending - needs addressing, the worker may be double-booked, a client or staff member is not assigned.

  • Blue: Invoiced - the shift cannot be edited.

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