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Scheduler - recurring shift edit, cancel, delete, rebook
Scheduler - recurring shift edit, cancel, delete, rebook

Here's some tips on how to edit recurring shifts and how to cancel/re-book multiple recurring shifts.

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Edit a Recurring Shift

Sometimes things change within rosters, here are some tips on how to edit recurring shifts with ease.

If one or more of a series of recurring shifts needs to be altered. Click on a recurring shift to select it and view its details. Click on the "Edit" button to alter the details.

Here you can edit client details, carer, location or time and once you have made the changes click 'Save'

This is where you will be provided the option of updating one or multiple shifts in the series. A single shift can be edited by selecting "Only this shift" or you can editing all of the shifts by selecting "All".

To edit only part of the series or only the shifts that occur till the end of the month, for example, select "Future shifts" and click to enter a date in the future that the changes are applied to.

Cancelling, Deleting and Re-booking Multiple Shifts in a Series

To cancel shifts and also to rebook them in a series requires you to first view the details of a shift by clicking on the shift. You will then see a clickable box that notes how many shifts exist in the recurring series. Click this to view a list of all the shifts.

Now you will see a list with 'check boxes' next to all the shifts in the series. Click the check boxes of the shifts you desire to cancel or rebook.

Once you have selected the desired shifts, click "More Actions" button to see the option to either: Cancel, Rebook or Delete the selected shifts.

Selecting Cancel will cancel the shift without charge.

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