Marking Unavailability 

Navigate to the schedule view. Click the hamburger menu, and select Schedule. It should look something like this on your screen.

Now click the "+" circle to bring up the option to Add Unavailability. Click the "x" button next to the text "Add Unavailability".

Now you should be able to select the days you are not available for shifts, these will turn the colour Green while marking the desired days. To do this tap the days you are unavailable.

Once you have finished click the Save button

Choosing partial unavailability

You can also choose partial unavailability as shown below

Finally, you will now receive a response saying Non working day leave request approved, this is an automatic process, so all these requests are instantly approved. In the app notification area it will just read "Unavailable".

Also a phone notification that reads "Non working day leave request approved" will pop up.

Now your manager will know when you aren't available for shifts. 

Remove Unavailability 

If you need to change your availability it's as easy as repeating the process above. 

Access the days which you've marked yourself as unavailable through the Add Unavailability button.

This loads the calendar confirming which days you have made yourself unavailable.

When you select one of the dates, the details will be opened. Here you'll see a REMOVE link. Clicking this removes the unavailability and makes you available.

Adding multiple times of unavailability on the same day

At this time it isn't possible to add multiple unavailable timeslots via the app.

The unavailability feature is relatively new, having been recently released we are evaluating its popularity before expanding the feature.

In time this will be possible via the app, however, staff the office team at your employer can add multiple unavailable times in a single day via the Scheduler interface.

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