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Change account owner
Change account owner

A guide on how to change the owner of a ShiftCare account.

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If someone else is taking on ownership responsibilities, and you are the Account Owner you can change it by following this guide.

You Must be the Current Account Owner to Change

Under your profile page there is an "Account Owner" option, which should generally be marked X as there can only be one account owner. You must be the account owner to change this setting, no one else can change it. 

The account owner is set to the first person from an organisation who signs up for an account.

Change Ownership

If you are the account owner then you can select a new account owner. Firstly direct yourself to your profile page. Click your name on the top right of the screen, then click Edit.

Now you will see your profile page, click Edit Profile.

Now click the drop down option Account Owner

The list will show all possible admin staff that the account can be transferred to. Choose the desired member, and when finished click Save.

NOTE: You will not be able to undo this action, it is only accessible by the account owner. If you followed these steps, you should no longer have ownership.

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