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Add additional public holidays in account settings
Add additional public holidays in account settings

Additional public holiday dates can be added in account settings. Common holidays are set up already.

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Most federal and state public holidays are set up for you already, these are based on the timezone in your account settings.

As holidays can vary for a number of reasons, It is possible to add additional public holidays through account settings.

Add public holidays to your account

Click on Account, then sub-menu Settings in the sidebar menu.

Account: settings

Navigate to the tab that reads Public holidays

Click Edit to open the additional holiday field, now click the area 'Pick one or more dates' to begin selecting additional public holidays.

Use the calendar to navigate to relevant dates and select them by clicking the date in the calendar.

To remove additional holidays, simply click on any selected date, or to remove all additional holidays click the x on the right-hand side of the field.

Don't forget to click OK and Save button when you're done.

City-based public holidays

The public holidays catered for by ShiftCare relate to state or federal public holidays. Some states also have show days whereby Cities and surrounding areas have a public holiday - these are not covered by the system.

Part-day public holidays are also not covered by the system

Some days such as Christmas Eve are partial day public holidays. ShiftCare supports public holidays for a full day.

๐Ÿ›  Solution for city-based or part-day public holidays

When invoicing partial days public holidays, or a location-based holiday the simplest way to do this is to invoice in batches.

In order to invoice for shifts that fall into these scenarios, it is recommended to invoice all of the shifts which are either earlier in the day or outside of the location where the shifts are. This can be done by creating the invoice via the client's billing report.

This will create invoices based on the normal rates. Once this is completed, add a public holiday (as described above) to your account settings and invoice the remaining shifts.

Alternatively, you can add a new price for the service which is at the public holiday rate and attach that price to the shift (which saves you having to add the public holiday and create the invoice via the billing report and the quicker "generate invoice" method can be used).

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