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How to set up a group shift or program
How to set up a group shift or program

A guide to show how to set up a shift through advanced edit with multiple clients and/or carers for a group roster or program

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This article will cover how to set up a group shift or program. Often schedules require a complicated combination of clients and carers in a single shift. This article will cover the following points with a group shift in mind, but they will also be useful in other contexts too:

Add a new shift with advanced edit mode

First add a shift through scheduler, and click Advanced Edit. This mode must be used for group shifts as it allows for higher level functions not possible in basic edit mode.

Add clients

First add the clients to the shift. This can be achieved by clicking the Search Clients drop down.

Click all the clients that must be added to the shift. They can be clicked from the list or searched by typing in the client's name.

Note: The first client added to the shift will add their default address to the shift address field, this can be edited later.

You should now see all the clients listed, they automatically have their default pricebook set, change the client details as needed. You can additionally split clients that require separate services or not. Read how to split shifts here.

You can change each clients time, service and funding individually without affecting the other clients.

Set time, location and details

Time selection

Set the over all time for the shift. If you have used the drag select function of scheduler this will be set for you, otherwise it will usually default to 9am-10am. Simply Click the time selector and add desired time bracket.

This will automatically update the client and carer times too.

Location selection

Now set the address where the group program will occur, click the Address field that reads 'Enter address'. It may already have been propagated with the address of the first client you added to the shift.

If you can, click the correct address from the google maps pop up, as this will give the most accurate data for clockin/out functionality.

Recurring program

If the shift is recurring then be sure to select the Repeat box, for more information on recurring shifts see this article.


This section is used to select the shift type, area and add additional information like allowances. The important option relating to group programs is the Ignore staff count toggle. This stops the system checking client to carer ratios, as it can become complicated for a group shift.

Add staff

Now add the required staff to the shift, as with the clients, click the staff input field and search or click each staff Name. If any staff are already booked for part of the time, they will display as such.

You may additionally now change the time each staff is working the shift, and the notify toggle will alert each they have been added.

Tasks, instructions and progress notes

You can set tasks for the group and make them mandatory or not. One or more clients may need medication for example, you can clearly outline the instructions as a whole or per client here.

For a general overview and specific instructions per client you can add instructions.

From within the app the carers can add notes for all clients or a specific client.


Remember to save the shift once you finish editing otherwise you will lose all the information.

Now you have successfully set up a group roster. This will be most likely a very basic example compared to your needs, but it should help you get a good workflow to design your own.

Common errors and shift pending reason

As the group program is a complicated style of shift, a few issues can occur.

Confirmation required issue

Occasionally if multiple carers all require confirmation, the shift status may not reflect if one carer hasn't confirmed. We recommend you check group shifts to make sure all carers have successfully confirmed attendance. Or alternatively leave Confirmation required toggle off, so that any pending errors would be otherwise noticed.

Carer already booked

Make sure you review which carers are available when adding them, if one or more are already booked on another shift the shift will be marked as pending.

Shift does not have the required number of carers

This can happen if client to carer ratios are not satisfied, this solution is to toggle Ignore staff count on. This will remove the pending shift error associated with this and you can manually ascertain the correct client to staff numbers.

Can't view client documents or note between carers

Make sure the clients on the shift all have Share progress notes ticked under client settings.

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