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Archive or Unarchive a carer or staff
Archive or Unarchive a carer or staff

How to archive and unarchive a carer or staff member and common issues that prevent it

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Archive carer

To archive a staff or carer, you must access their profile. Click Staff sidebar menu, click List and find the staff you wish to archive.

From the staff profile, you can click the Archive button at the bottom of the page.

You will see a message appear for confirmation. Click OK.

Finally, a message confirming the action.

Unarchive carer

To unarchive the carer, again navigate to the sidebar heading Staff then click Archived.

Now click Unarchive next to the staff name.

You will see a message Updated User:

Now the staff is visible in the list and can be used as normal again.

Can't archive a carer?

The following reasons will cause issues.

  • No password set: If the user hasn't accepted their invite, or you create a fake staff with no password yet, they cannot be archived.

Simply set a password for the user, click Manage then Reset Password.

Set a password for the staff.

Now you will be able to archive them as normal.

  • Email has already been taken: If you receive this error message when unarchiving your staff, it means they have existed in ShiftCare's database. To get further assistance, contact the support team via the chatbox or

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