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Understanding shift locations
Understanding shift locations

Understanding Shift address or drop-off address/second address as well as difference between them within ShiftCare

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You can use shift location information as a mechanism to inform care-workers where to go for a particular shift. Moreover, in some cases care-workers are required to drop clients at a different location, so this can have an impact when it comes to clocking off from a shift. At a bare minimum, providing care-workers with this information will lead to less confusion and better care outcome with the clients. Here, we will discuss options to set Shift address and drop-off locations correctly.

Shift address

This is where shift is meant to start and in most cases, it will be client's home address (primary residence) or your Community Centre, if it is a group setting. When you select a client within Scheduler, we will automatically populate shift with client address on file. You can choose to update this address, but ensure that you pickup address from autocomplete options.

πŸ›‘ Do not include unit numbers within address field, instead add them to unit number field

Address not recognised

If you are getting address not recognised, it means that Google maps API was unable to recognise this as a valid address.

⚠️ For invalid addresses care-workers will be able to clockin from any location

You follow below steps to rectify the problem:

  1. If unit number is included in the address, please remove unit number and then choose address from drop down.

  2. If you copy and paste address from word document or pdf file, then please type address instead and choose option from dropdown.

  3. If it is new development, there is a good chance that address is not recognised by Google Maps yet. Here you can try nearest valid location and add notes in description for care-workers.

Drop-off address

There are many cases when shift is finishing at a different location or address. In such case, you can actually specify a shift drop-off address.

πŸ”” The drop off address is available for Pro and Premium subscribers.

To add a finish location for the shift that is different to the start address, tick the Drop-off address option. This will display another address field.

Note: the same validation rules apply to drop-off address as shift address.

⚠️ For invalid drop-off addresses care-workers will be able to clockout from any location

Specifying drop-off address can be done through Shift Advanced edit as shown below.

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Unknown drop-off address

If you are unsure where shift is going to finish, for example, client might ask care-worker to drive to shops or beach, then enable drop-off address flag but enter n/a in the field. This will allow driver to clock-off at any location after dropping the client off.

⚑️ You can use same approach for shift address too.

Enable location based check

Finally, if you wish to enable location based time & attendance i.e. staff can only clockin if they are physically present at the location specified within Shift address, then this setting should be turned on.

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ ShiftCare platform uses Google Maps API service to validate address location as well as translate each address into corresponding coordinate to validate location based clockin/out.

You can enable location based clockin/out on your account using Clockin location check flag under Account settings:

Enable location check for time & attendance

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