Your team can add the time they're unavailable through the app so you know when they're available to be rostered.

Through the Scheduler you can also add in the days or part-days they are unavailable.

To add unavailability for a staff member, click on the 3 dots menu next to the blue Add Shift button which will give you a sub-menu to select the "Add Unavailability" option.

Clicking on this lets you pick the person, the date and the times they are unavailable for.

Once added successfully the system will confirm.

Declining existing unavailability

If the days have been added in error, in the schedule you can click on the unavailable item to decline it.

This will then bring up the details and allow you to Decline the time.

The system will then ask for a reason to provide to the staff member.

Once the unavailability has been added the system will confirm.

Unavailability settings

You can control the unavailability feature in your account settings. The "Unavailability notice period" is the number of days from the current day where staff members cannot mark themselves as unavailable (through the app).

Troubleshooting - unavailability not showing

If you don't see the option to add unavailability this is because your account setting doesn't have the feature enabled. First, edit your account settings to enable unavailability. Enabling the feature will then allow you to add the hold-out timeframe where the team aren't able to add their unavailability.

Adding multiple or recurring days of unavailability

The unavailability feature is relatively new, having been recently released we are evaluating its popularity before expanding the feature.

In time this will be possible via Scheduler - staff can add multiple unavailable days via the app.

Adding multiple times of unavailability on the same day

It is possible to add multiple unavailable time slots in the day by repeating the process via the Scheduler interface. At this time it isn't possible to add multiple unavailable timeslots via the app.

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