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Delivery of emails from ShiftCare
Delivery of emails from ShiftCare

Avoid spam folders and get emails into the inbox. How to fix emails not being delivered or going to spam box by whitelisting sending details

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The ShiftCare system sends a number of emails to your organisation and can also send emails on your behalf to your clients.

Depending on your email platform, you can whitelist an email address and/or the IP address ShiftCare sends emails via.

ShiftCare has two dedicated IP addresses to send emails via.

From email address:

IP addresses:




Sending domains:




Your IT team or email provider will be able to give specific details on how to whitelist an email address or IPs.

DNS settings; please enable recursive lookups in your DNS provider.

Blacklist providers; if your email service provides control, it is not recommended to use the uceprotectl3 blacklist.

There are many great how-to articles with steps to whitelist our email details, Campaign Monitor and Clean Email provide an overview for many of the popular email providers.

If you have registered your domain with GoDaddy and use their email filtering they have provided the following steps to set up allowed senders through GoDaddy:

  • From the Settings menu, select Message Filters.

  • Select Allowed List - add the domain

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