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ShiftCare Mobile App - Video Tutorial
ShiftCare Mobile App - Video Tutorial

Everything you need to know about downloading and using the ShiftCare Mobile app

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This video tutorial is designed for staff who use the ShiftCare mobile app and is best viewed on mobile devices.

You can SMS this link to staff for direct access to the tutorial on their mobile device:

Below you'll find a list of quick links to each section of the ShiftCare Mobile App tutorial...

0:00 Downloading the ShiftCare App

0:43 Viewing your schedule

2:25 Clocking in and out of your shifts

3:46 Completing tasks in your shift

4:36 Adding progress, feedback & incident notes

6:28 Adding mileage and expenses to your shift

8:06 Accessing client documents

9:22 Adding client goal progress

10:10 Viewing your company documents

10:48 Viewing your personal documents

11:39 Adding shift unavailability

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