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Print client calendar
Print client calendar

Steps to print out the participant client schedule or calendar

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This article covers the two ways available to print a client's rostered shifts for you to share with them either printed or saved to pdf to email to the client.

1. Printing a monthly shift list

Printing from the Scheduler calendar screen

When on the client view of the Scheduler clicking on the dots opens the client specific menu. Clicking Print will open the dialog box.

Printing from the client's details page

From the client's details page, click on the blue Manage button which will show a drop-down menu. Here you can select Print roster.

This then allows you to select the list of shifts in any given month to print out (this can be saved as a pdf).

2. Printing a list of shifts

From the client's billing report it is possible to select a customer timeframe (not monthly)

The date picker in the top right corner allows you to select the timeframe you would like to share.

At the end of this page, there are three buttons; email, print, download.

  • Email: via email the client will receive either a list of

  • Print: will open open a simplified version of the billing report where you can select the print or save to pdf option.

  • Download: provides a csv file type document that can be opened in Excel.

Screenshot of the print output:

Screenshot of the email output - hours option:

Screenshot of the email output - cost option:

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