At the moment it's not possible to assign different staff members each week for a recurring shift series. Because if you add more staff to it, or replace the staff, it will update the future shifts as well. Nevertheless, there is a workaround!

πŸ’‘ There are two different situations for this (for both situations, we suggest you create a repeating series separately for each staff):

Scheme 1: two staff members take turns every week.

In this example, every two weeks there is carer A (Zane Adams), on the other week it is carer B (Zaine Dorwant). Firstly, may need to create a shift that repeats weekly but have it repeat every 2 weeks rather than every 1 week for carer A (Zane Adams). As a result, although the shift is repeated each week, you will actually have two sets of recurring shifts. Please check the below example!

Week 1

would have carer A, repeats every 2 weeks, starting from September 5.

Week 2

would have carer B, repeats every 2 weeks, starting from September 12.

πŸ” Shortcut: once you created the Shift for Week 1 you can use the copy shift feature to create Shift for Week 2.

Scheme 2: Different staff members every week (more than 2 staff members).

If the staff member is completely different, then a repeating weekly shift can be created with no staff member assigned (the shift will be moved under the vacant shift column).

This way, you can then move the shift or can be assigned via drag and drop method whilst in fortnight view (staff view).

Alternatively, you can also use the update future shift option and set the date range to change, however, it could be slower than the first option.

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