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How to add information to a client's profile that is visible to staff through their mobile app

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If there is information about a client that would be useful or important for your staff to know, but may not be documented in a client's care plan or if a client doesn't have a care care plan (E.g: pets the client may need assistance taking care of, client's preferences, client's disabilities), you can capture this information in the Public Information section on the client's Details page.

Information in a client's Public Information section is visible to any staff member scheduled on a shift with the client.

In this article we will cover:

The Public Information section on a client's Details page

There are three sub-sections to Public Information that allow you to structure the information in a clear way for your staff:

Need to know information and Useful information

The Need to know information and Useful information sections allow you to capture information is a very structured way using defined headings. The list of headings you can use are set in your Account Settings. Since not all headings will be applicable to all clients, you can choose which headings to use for each client. If none apply you can always use the General Information section, which is free text. Some headings can be made mandatory for all clients, this just means that the heading will always be present under the relevant section, whether or not it is filled.

Having these set headings allows you to have consistency in the information you need capturing for clients, and helps ensure you always capture the relevant information.

To add a heading click on ADD next to the relevant section. You will be presented with a pop-up from which you can choose one or more headings to add to the section.

You can then add the information you want under each heading and save it. Mandatory headings will already be added to the section. To add information to a mandatory heading or update the information to an existing heading, click EDIT next to the relevant heading. This will open the edit box for the heading, where you can make you edits and save.

For non-mandatory headings, you can remove the heading from the edit view, using the Delete button. If a heading is deleted, the content will be permanently lost.

General information

This is a free text field that allows you to capture information in a non-structured way. This allows you to capture information that may not fit in one of the defined headings under the Need to know information and Useful information sections.

Note: for ShiftCare customers who joined prior to this Public Information feature, the General Information section will be populated with the information that was under 'Public info' in the Additional Information section.

Managing headings that can be used in the Need to know information and Useful information sections

Adding Headings

Headings can be added to the Need to know information and Useful information sections in Account Settings.

To add a heading, click 'Manage' next to the relevant section.

In the pop up you can then click 'Add new heading' near the bottom of the pop up.

You will need to save the heading before clicking done. When adding a heading you can make it Mandatory by checking the checkbox in the Mandatory column.

Mandatory headings will be shown in red. When you add a Mandatory heading it will be added to all clients automatically.

Removing Headings

Removing headings works in a very similar way to adding headings. You simply need to click Manage next to the section you want to remove the heading from. You can then use the red bin icon to remove the heading.

Warning: if you remove a heading from Account Settings, the heading will be removed from all clients with that heading and the information included in that section will be lost. If you remove a heading that is in use you will receive a warning telling you how many clients will be impacted:

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