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Segment clients into prospects, active and non-active

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Note: this is only available on the Premium plan

To help you manage clients through their entire lifecycle in ShiftCare, you can mark a client as being in one of three stages:

  1. Prospect

  2. Active

  3. Inactive.

The status of a client in ShiftCare allows you to manage where a client can be viewed. In particular you can now add prospective clients to ShiftCare without overwhelming your Scheduler view. So how does a client's status impact where they can be viewed?:

Client List page

You can view all your clients, regardless of their status, in the Client List page. To help you focus on clients in specific stages, the directory can be filtered to only show clients with a specific status, or all the clients at once. The directly also clearly labels the status of each client so it is clear which segment of clients you are looking at.

By default the directory is filtered to active.


To help keep the Scheduler focused on the task of rostering shifts for services you are providing, only active clients will appear in the client view for scheduler. Also, when you create a shift from Scheduler you will only be able to choose clients who have the active status.

This does not mean you can't book shifts for clients have the prospect or inactive status:

How to book shifts for Prospect and Inactive clients?

For Prospect and Inactive clients, shifts can still be booked through their individual Calendars. If a staff member is included on a shift booked for a prospect or inactive client, the shift will appear on that staff member's row in the Scheduler Staff View. This way, Scheduler still gives you full oversight of shifts from a Staff perspective.

How to update a client's status

A client's status can be easily updated from their their Client Details page.

In the top right there is a status dropdown that allows your to simply switch between the statuses:

The status changes are in real time - no need to save your changes or do anything else other than switch the status.

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