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Generating Invoices

Invoices enable transparent financial transactions and payment requests for services provided by caregivers.

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Generating invoices streamlines billing processes, ensures proper accounting, and fosters trust and healthy customer relationships.

In this article, we talk about how this is done in the ShiftCare platform.

Verifying Invoice Details

Invoices are important documents used to request payment. It is crucial to carefully review them before sending to ensure they are accurate and complete. This helps build trust and confidence in the payment process.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. On the lefthand menu, go to Invoices.

  2. Click Generate.

  3. You’ll then be redirected to this page:

  4. Specify a date range

  5. A list of clients with fulfilled shifts will be listed on the page.

  6. Click View Report.

  7. This will redirect you to the client’s billing report page on a separate tab, and show all the shifts that had been performed for the client within the specified date range.

  8. Check for any error messages or anything that needs to be corrected.

  9. Once all is good, you can now generate an invoice.

Creating an Invoice

  1. To generate an invoice, select Invoice on the lefthand menu.

  2. Then click Generate,

  3. Select a date range.

  4. Tick the check box on the left side of the client name for every client that you’d like to generate an invoice for.

  5. Click Generate.

  6. While the invoices are being generated, you’ll see a loading bar to indicate how far you are from completion. Please wait for this to be completed.

  7. On the right side of each client’s name, under Status, you’ll see that it’s completed. To view an invoice, click the Completed (Invoice #).

  8. This will show you a preview of the Invoice. You have the option to Email, Print, Edit, or Void this at the bottom of the page.

    If you would like to generate an export file to import into your accounting system, please refer to this article for guidance.

    Should you have more questions or concerns that are not covered in this article, know that our support team is always happy to help. You may reach out to us through the chat icon at the lower left side of your screen when you're logged into ShiftCare.

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