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Invoice Settings

A run-through of all the settings that deal with invoices.

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This article will serve as an explanation of each toggle and option in the Invoice Settings page.

These settings will allow you to customize the appearance and configuration of the invoices that you send to your customers from your ShiftCare platform.

  1. On the left-hand side of the page, you’ll find a menu. Go to Account.

  2. Then click Invoice Settings.

Invoice Settings and Customization

There are 11 settings to use on the Invoice Settings page. Below is an explanation of what each setting in this section means for you and your invoicing recipients:

  1. Address: This field is for entering your business address.

  2. Phone: This field is for entering your business phone number.

  3. Payment terms: This field is for entering the invoice payment terms. This is typically agreed upon with the client's family member/caretaker or is part of your contract.

  4. Contact email: This field is for entering your business email address.

  5. Email message: This text box is where you get to enter your custom default message that will be included in the body of the email when you send invoices to your customers. This section includes a tool bar to edit your default message's formatting.

  6. Payment rounding: Use this field to enter the decimal point for the invoice total amount. For example, 2 decimals will insert the total to the cent (ie. $100.11).

  7. Cost calculation is based on: Choose whether you'd like the billing to be based on the shift:

    1. Start Time: client will be billed for each shift based on the time worked from the staff clockin time until the scheduled end-time of the shift.

    2. End Time: client will be billed for the time worked from the shift's scheduled start-time to the staff clockout time.

  8. Cancelled by client label: Toggle this setting on to include shifts on the invoice that the client has cancelled, with a label to indicate these.

  9. Cancel message: Use this field to add your custom message for the Cancelled by client label.

  10. Invoice item default format: This field is to edit the default structure for how your invoice line-items will appear. The information in this field must be formatted correctly using curly brackets as shown in the legend (reveal this legend by clicking the question mark icon next to the setting name). This formatting ensures that the information chosen here will pull the correct information from your account's historical data. Here is the full legend with each item that can be used in a line item

  11. Taxes: Enter the tax rate that you charge your clients in this field. This will automatically calculate and add the tax to the invoice.

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