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Xero Inventory Item Codes
Xero Inventory Item Codes
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ShiftCare now export the Xero inventory item code when creating invoices in Xero. This will allow you to run reports in Xero to see how many hours you have been invoicing for item codes, and track income per services.

There is no change required to enable this feature. ShiftCare will use the Reference Number you have entered into your price books in ShiftCare as the code when importing to Xero.

When you import your Xero file, you will find a new section referring to "Inventory".

You may receive messaging like the above, regarding descriptions and pricing not matching existing inventory items. This is fine. It will continue to use the pricing that is on the export you downloaded from ShiftCare. Your invoice will import exactly as it is in ShiftCare.

Duplicate Item Codes on invoice

Now that we have added the item code to the file, you will find the code is showing twice on your invoices. You can edit the "Description" in shiftcare to remove the item code from appearing in that section if you like:

  1. Navigate to Account > Invoice Settings

  2. Click Edit on the Invoices box

  3. Scroll down to Invoice item default format

  4. Select the price_ref_no tag, and delete it



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