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Custom Forms

Learn how to create and manage forms for clients or staff to fill out

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This feature is available on Premium Plans only. You can upgrade your account by navigating to Account > Subscription

Create New Form

  1. Navigate to Forms > List

  2. Click on New Form on the top right

  3. Chose your option:

    1. Build from scratch

    2. Use a template

Build from scratch

You will be presented with a blank screen on the right hand side, with options to add fields on the left side. Simply click and drag the option you wish to add to your form. Below is a short example:

When you have dragged an option over, you can customise it to your needs - here is an example:

You can preview the form at any time by clicking on Preview on the top right.

When you have finished creating your form, you can click Next to go to the next step, Assignment.

NOTE: If you think you will use this form in the future again for other purposes, even with slight modifications, be sure to tick the Save Form as a Template option.

Use a Template

After selecting this option, you will chose your Form Type

From there you are able to edit the form to your needs, before clicking Next


Once you have built your form, your final step is to assign the form to Staff/Clients

There are 3 options to choose people:

  1. Individuals

  2. Teams

  3. Roles

Click on the tab you wish to use first, followed by your choices. Once ticked, they will be added to the list on the right side:

Once you have selected everyone you want to send the form to, click on Publish and Send

Note: Be sure to tick the Can only accept one response per assignee if it is relevant


When a form has had a response, the status will change to Responses Received - to view the responses, simply click on the box Responses Received in the list of forms.

You will then see a list of responses, which you can click on View Response, then approve or reject the response.

Currently it is not possible to export responses, but this functionality is being worked on and will be available shortly.

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