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Forms FAQ

This Forms FAQ will be updated regularly and is based on questions asked during our webinar.

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⚠️Forms are available on our Premium subscription plans. Please contact our Customer Success team if you'd like to discuss your plan.

Can forms be accessed by prospects (prior to becoming clients)?

A: Yes, forms can be accessed by prospects when assigned, as they will receive an email with the form (e.g., intake or service form). This is because when you assign it to the client it will email them the form. The client prospect must be created in ShiftCare.

Do the forms produce a report (Google Forms, Microsoft Forms)?

A: Not at this stage, but it is something we plan to look at in a future iteration.

Can forms automatically be delegated/sent on each shift (e.g., medication recording)?

A: We are actively looking into this. Forms will soon be assignable to clients in shifts, such as progress notes within a shift.

Can you copy and paste from a Word doc to this page or Excel to add a table?

A: Not at this time. You can copy and paste text into questions and answers, but you can’t import forms.

Regarding long questions, is ShiftCare able to address the issue of not seeing all the text when submitted?

A: We are currently investigating this issue.

Are completed forms viewable by other staff?

A: Only admin staff can see completed forms at the moment. We are considering broader access in the future.

Can I upload my incident report and ABC charts?

A: Currently, no specific functionality for uploading incident reports and ABC charts exists within the form system.

We updated a form yesterday, but it hasn't been updated for staff to view. Is there something else we have to do?

A: We need to investigate this issue further.

Can one staff member use the form multiple times?

A: Yes, forms can be used multiple times by a single staff member. There is a setting during the form creation called “can only accept one response per assignee” that is unticked by default.

Is there a feature to allocate a specific staff member for certain clients?

A: Currently, incidents are actioned by one staff member, but we are exploring more specific staff allocations in the future.

Can a complaint form be filled out anonymously?

A: No, forms cannot be filled out anonymously at this stage.

Can staff use voice-to-text or convert other languages to English?

A: Voice-to-text functionality depends on your keyboard or phone settings. Automatic conversion to English from other languages is not currently supported.

Will forms soon be assignable to a shift/client?

A: Not yet, but this functionality is planned for the near future as a very high priority.

Are forms approved by the NDIS for auditing purposes?

A: Forms are built based on guidelines from the NDIS. The forms are not created by ShiftCare but rather by yourselves.

Can you edit the responses as an admin?

A: No, responses cannot be edited once submitted. Admins can only reject or approve the response.

Can I create an intake form, pre-fill it, and request signatures and extra text?

A: Yes, you can request a signature andcreate questions, but these cannot be pre-populated with answers.

Is the form reusable or does it need to be reloaded each time?

A: Forms can be reused as needed, you can save them as templates.

Is it possible to edit the forms as an admin?

A: Yes, admin staff can edit forms, but cannot edit forms once submitted.

Does the form auto-link to a client?

A: No, forms currently sit in their own siloed area. We are currently looking into this.

Can form completion be assigned as a mandatory action during a shift?

A: This functionality is planned but not currently available.

Can we assign form creation functions to admin staff and restrict other functionalities?

A: Yes, it is possible to assign form creation to admin staff.

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