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Uploading client documents and setting expiry dates as well as staff access to documents
Uploading client documents and setting expiry dates as well as staff access to documents

Clients can have documents uploaded to their profiles. Set whether staff can access these documents and their expiry dates

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Keeping client documents up-to-date is an integral part of maintaining efficiency for clients as carer can view these documents during shifts to ensure that all activities are completed and clients are looked after in accordance to their individual requirements. Below is a brief guide outlining how to quickly and efficiently upload updated documents.

Uploading Documents

Navigate to the client list and select which client's documents you wish to upload. Selecting a client will bring up their profile. From the left-hand side, under the client's name select the Documents tab

To upload a document simply click on the blue Upload Files button. Select the document you wish to upload from your computer.

File types

Please note that only the following document formats can be uploaded:

  • PDF

  • Word

  • JPEG

  • PNG

Document categories

To correctly assign the expiry dates you must first choose the document category from the drop-down menu.

Set expiry date of documents

Once you've selected the category, set the correct expiry date as presented on the actual document.

If there is no expiry date, select the No Expiration box.

It is crucial to have the expiry dates for each document (if applicable) as this will assist in setting document reminders.

Remember: Always select the blue tick whenever you make updates to a document. If the blue tick is not selected the changes will not be applied.

Staff visibility on the app

Control whether staff who have been rostered with the client can access the documents or whether the document stays private.

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