Shift type allows you to assign specific category to shifts. This is particularly useful when you are setting up Sleepover or Night Shift.

When generating a shift simply select the category drop down menu which by default will have Standard selected. Once shift type is selected, continue to fill out shift information as per usual.

Add New shift types to customise your account

It is possible to add new shift types to suit your requirements.

Use left hand menu to access your account settings. Head over to Account and then Settings to customise shift types.

Next, scroll down and locate section called Scheduler (as seen in image below). You will find Shift types within this section. If you click Edit, then you will be able to add your own shift types.

Note: You will find some prefilled system generated shift types cannot be deleted. 

As you type the new shift type you will notice it appears in a pop-up box below the other shift types. When you have completed typing your word(s) clicking on this will add it to the list.

Once you update your list, hit the save button and new Shift types are ready to be used.

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