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How to add a client and what information to populate for that participant

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How to add client (Dashboard version):

In this article we cover:


Before assigning carers, areas and generating schedules for clients, you must have client data entered into ShiftCare.

Add New client

Navigate to the main menu on the left-hand side. Select the Clients tab. This will open a drop-down menu, in the menu select the tab labelled New. The below page will open.

Now fill in the client's demographic information in the form. Please enter the client's name and date of birth as this is required information for the system to create the profile. If you want to protect your client's privacy, or if the information isn't required for your organisation, you can replace the birth of date with today's date. The rest of the information can be added later.

This will take you to the client's detail page as below page.

In order to add additional details of the client, you go to each category and click on Edit/Add.

  • Demographic Details

  • Add Photo

  • Additional Contact

  • Funds

  • Settings

  • Additional Infomation

Demographic Details

Click on Edit in order to add or change information in this section.

Clicking on edit will take you to the page where you can add or change the demographic details of the client. Once you are done press Update.


You can also add your clients photo on this page. Click on the camera icon in the photo section.

That will take you to the below page. Now press Click to upload and start adding photos of the client. There is no limit to add photos.

Once you are done uploading a photo, tick the one you want to make a profile photo. And if you want to delete any photo then you can also do so at this stage by clicking on the bin icon on the photo.

Now your profile photo is added.

Additional Contact - family member, plan management, billing contact

In order to add additional contacts to your client click on the Add button in front of the Additional contact field.

This will open the below form. Add all the relevant fields. If you click on the Primary Contact checkbox then this contact will become the primary contact. This means it will be visible on the top of the page (with the Primary contact label) among all other additional contacts.

Client's Primary Contact

In most cases, clients may have a primary carer (next of kin or emergency contact). If good to have that emergency contact always visible on top of the screen. This is how Primary contact is visible. You can view or edit this information as well.

Client's Billing Contact

When you select that a client's contact is their Billing Contact, this means they will have any invoices for the client sent to them.


Fund management is the most vital process in the organisation. The first step to managing clients' funds is to add the funds to the client detail page. In order to add funds, click on Add Fund option in the fund's section.

This will open the below form. Fill in the information. Along with funds, you can also tick on the default box to set this fund as the client's default fund. But you can choose to leave this field empty if it is not relevant to you. Click on save once all fields are filled.

You can add as many funds as you want. Click on Add Fund option on the top right of this section to add an additional line.

๐Ÿ“– Learn more about funds management here


  • NDIS Number: This field is for adding the NDIS number of the client. Please note you will not be able to claim invoices from NDIS if you haven't entered information in this field.

  • Aged Care Recipient ID: This field will appear on invoices created for the client. The is also listed on the client list page.

  • Reference Number: You can use this field to enter the client's reference number.

  • Custom Field: You can enter any additional information about the client here.

  • PO Number: You can use this field for the client's PO Number.

*please note that NDIS Number, Aged Care Recipient ID, Reference Number and PO Number will appear on invoices created for the client

  • Default Price: Determines the price that will be applied to the client's shifts (which will later be invoiced to the client). It is mandatory that the correct price is assigned to ensure the client is charged and invoiced accordingly. For more information about price read Price in the ShiftCare Knowledge-base.

  • Team: It simply refers to carer groups that can be based on location, qualifications, language or client preference. For more information on creating Team read Carer Team. To read about why and how attaching a carer team is beneficial for clients to read Attaching Team to Clients

  • Share Progress Notes: While the carer has access to record progress notes during a shift, this option allows for all notes made for a specific client to be accessible by any carer also assigned to the same client. These notes cannot be edited, thus creating a clear record of any incidences/notes that were recorded by a carer.ย 

  • Enable SMS Reminder: You can enable or disable this option for certain clients. By default, SMS reminders are enabled for every client. Individual clients can be excluded from the automated reminders. If 'Enable SMS Reminders' is ticked, then the client will be included in the messages.

    If you don't have the SMS reminders set up, a warning will show up with a link to the article to help you set up the SMS reminders.

    Please note that there are costs associated with sending SMS messages.

Once all the information is added click on Update.

Public Information

The Public Information section allows you to record information that will be visible to any staff rostered with the client through their ShiftCare mobile app. This might be Information that may not be documented in the client's care plan or for clients without a care plan (E.g: pets the client may need assistance taking care of, client's preferences, client's disabilities), as well as any information that the carer may need to be made aware of that hasn't been documented.

There are three sub-sections to Public Information that allow you to structure the information in a clear way for your staff:

Need to know information and Useful information

The Need to know information and Useful information sections allow you to capture information is a very structured way. These sections have specific headings under which you can add information that are defined in your Account Settings. Having these set headings allow you to have consistency in the information you want capturing for clients, and helps ensure you always capture the relevant information.

To add a heading click on ADD next to the relevant section, from which you can choose one or more headings to add to the section. You can then add the information you want and save it. Some headings will be mandatory to be completed.

General information

This is a free text field that allows you to capture information in a non-structured way. This allows you to capture information that may not fit in one of the defined headings under the Need to know information and Useful information sections.

Note: for ShiftCare customers who joined prior to this Public Information feature, the General Information section will be populated with the information that was under 'Public info' in the Additional Information section.

You can find out more about Public Information and how to set up headings in Account Settings here.

Additional Information

This section allows for any notes about the client to be added to their profile. In order to add this information click on Edit.

Private Note

These are notes that can be viewed only by office staff to assist in rostering care workers appropriately.

On the Scheduler, this information will be displayed with an eye icon with a line through it.

Review Date

You can add a review date to your clients' profiles. This helps you keep track of important dates that you want to monitor for your clients, such as plan revisions, renewals or re-contract dates. This way, you can keep track of all your client's review dates through the new Client List view:

Once done with adding notes, hit Update.

Documents and Invoices

client documents cannot be added from this page and invoices cannot be generated from this page. However, you can view this information on the Client details page.

  • To add client documentation, go to the client's Documentation page

  • To raise an invoice, go to the client's Shift Breakdown page.

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